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EL/WLA CSR Responsible Gaming Seminar

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Tendance Sociale sera présente du 20 au 22 septembre prochains à Madrid dans le cadre du séminaire annuel de The European Lotteries et la World Lottery Association . Nous présenterons (en anglais!) notre étude sur le Problem Gambling. Vous trouverez ci dessous le programme complet du séminaire:




Is your lottery ready for the opportunities and challenges presented by CSR that goes beyond RG? Join the EL CSR/RG working group in Madrid for an engaging programme of speakers and round-table discussions on a broad range of topics relating to RG and CSR.

After the success of last year’s seminar in Paris, this year we will be again be partnering with the WLA to deliver a seminar packed with international speakers, case studies and inspiration. Whether you’re an RG specialist or have a broader interest in CSR, you will acquire new knowledge, skills and contacts that will be beneficial to you and your lottery.

Thursday, September 21:

09:00-09:30 Welcome address by:

  • Ángel SÁNCHEZ CÁNOVAS, General Manager, ONCE, Spain
  • Rebecca PAUL HARGROVE, WLA Vice-President
  • Edmundo MARTINHO, Chair of the EL CSR/Responsible Gaming Committee

Introduction to the seminar by the co-moderators:

  • Alison GARDNER, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd, UK
  • Raymond BOVERO, Responsible Gaming Director, La Française des Jeux, France


09:30-10:15 KEYNOTE: Resilience and CSR

  • Sylvain LAMBERT, Partner, Sustainability - Strategy Group, PwC, France


10:15-10:45 EL and EDF collaboration

  • Ángel SIERRA, Consultant, ONCE, Spain
  • Virginia CARCEDO, General Manager, INSERTA Employment, Spain
  • Júlia MECSÉRI, Charity Manager, Szerencsejáték Zrt., Hungary


11.15-11:20 Short intro/update on CSR guidelines

  • Stefania COLOMBO, Social Responsibility, Lottomatica, Italy
  • Christine PROUIN, Head of CSR, Française des Jeux, France


11.20-11:50 CSR Guidelines

  • Alessio PAGNOTTA, Senior Manager CCaSS - Climate Change & Sustainability Services, EY, Italy



Social Innovation

  • Beata GUZIK, Director EU Public Affairs, Pharumlegal, Belgium

CSR Guidelines – Self-assessment Experiences

  • LOTTO Hamburg by Birte ENGELKEN, Manager CSR / Responsible Gaming, Germany
  • Norsk Tipping, by Silje BYE-VANGEN, Communication Adviser CSR, Norway
  • Veikkaus Oy by Johanna LIPPONEN, Head of CSR, Finland

Are we sure we’re best in class? RG examples from elsewhere

  • Laura DA SILVA, Director, Silverfish CSR, UK

Case studies from lotteries on RG

  • Mr SMART, Gianmario TROVÓ, CSR Manager, Sisal SpA, Italy
  • Harm minimisation in POS, Brigitte ROTH, Responsible Gaming Manager, Française des Jeux, France
  • Retailer education, Alison GARDNER, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd
  • Renewed Svenska Spel Responsible gaming website, Monica MEDVALL, Director CSR Strategy & International Relations, Svenska Spel, Sweden


14:00-14:15 RG Certification

  • Willemijn JANSEN, Responsible Gaming Manager, Nederlandse Loterij, Netherlands


14:15-15:30 Early detection and harm minimisation using analytics – panel discussion

  • Chris PERCY, Lead Researcher, BetBuddy, UK
  • Lucy GRIFFIN, Data Scientist, Featurespace, UK
  • Michael AUER, Director, Neccton, Austria
  • Judit TORSTENSSON, Project Manager, Playscan, Sweden


16:00-16:45 KEYNOTE: Youth, brain development and vulnerability to problem gambling

  • Professor Ken C. WINTERS, Senior Scientist, Oregon Research Institute & Adjunct Faculty, University of Minnesota, USA


16:45-17:30 Problem gamblers: when the game becomes serious

  • Emilie COUTANT, Sociologist, Tendance Sociale, France
  • Problem Gambler from Spain


Friday, September 22:

09:00-09:45 KEYNOTE: CSR trends

  • Tomás SERCOVICH, Director of External Relations, Foretica, Spain


09:45-10:05 RG from the Regulator’s perspective

  • Juan ESPINOSA, General Director, Spanish Gaming Regulator (DGOJ), Spain



CASE STUDIES on implementing CSR programmes

  • Business Ethics & Anti-corruption, Zenita STRANDÄNGER, Head of CSR, Svenska Spel, Sweden
  • Community Involvement, Stefania COLOMBO, Social Responsibility, Lottomatica, Italy
  • CSR training for employees, Kim WILSON, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Atlantic Lottery, Canada
  • Total Value: how business generates value outside the organization, Riccardo TROIANI, Social Responsibility, Lottomatica, Italy


  • Risk factors in lottery games analysis from Quebec & France, Jean-Michel COSTES, General Secretary of French Observatory of Games, France
  • Contacting customers at risk – experiences from an ongoing project at Norsk Tipping, Tanja SVEEN, Responsible Gambling Advisorr, Norsk Tipping, Norway


11:25-12:10 KEYNOTE: Harm minimisation – age limits, compliance and sales protocols

  • Joris VAN HOOF, Assistant Professor, University of Twente, Netherlands


12:10–13:10 CASE STUDIES from lotteries on RG

  • Developing a Level 4 RG programme, Nedim HAMZIĆ, Head of Public Relations and Standardization, Lottery of Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • RG as Core Business: How OLG’s PlaySmart Strategy transforms Player Experience, Paul PELLIZZARI, Executive Director - Policy & Social Responsibility, OLG, Canada
  • Best CSR Practices for Internet-Based Lottery Sales, Chip POLSTON, Senior VP - Communications, Public Relations & Social Responsibility, Kentucky Lottery Corporation, USA
  • Hoosier Lottery Employee Program – An Empirical Approach, Tracy McNUTT, Sr. Director & Deputy General Manager, Hoosier Lottery, USA


14:10-14:30 Diversity and gender equality

  • Zenita STRANDÄNGER, Head of CSR, Svenska Spel, Sweden


14:30-14:50 Impacts of gambling adverts on young people

  • Professor Ana ESTEVEZ, winner of the 3rd ONCE International RG research competition, Department of Psychology, Deusto University, Spain


14:50-15:00 Wrap-up of the seminar and feedback survey by Alison GARDNER & Raymond BOVERO



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